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Metal Casting Industry

The Metal Casting Industry employs the process of pouring molten metals (“hot metal” in industry parlance) into casts (or molds), which takes a definite permanent shape after cooling.

The industrial casting procedure that is followed in the Metal Casting Industry is be classified as non-disposable, as it involves processes that retain the cast (or mold) for several applications, in contrast to the use of molds made of sand, plaster or plastics etc. which cannot be used more than once, and are therefore unfit for application in the Metal Casting Industry. These rather domestic mold casting procedures are termed as disposable mold casting.

The industrial process employed in the Metal Casting Industry

However, the particular cost effective method that is followed in the Metal Casting Industry, is the last one, that is, the Continuous Industrial Metal Casting process.

The continuous casting (here production) procedure followed in the Metal Casting Industry that results in the production of a very high volume of units (which are nonetheless of a higher quality), make the procedures followed in the Metal Casting Industry more cost effective and therefore affordable in comparison with the yields of the domestic or small scale metal casting processes.

In addition to being affordable, the machine parts produced through the Continuous Industrial Metal Casting process in the Metal Casting Industries are of a quality higher than those manufactured domestically due to the employment of automated machines.

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